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Will Foret

Will Foret


Will Foret is the Founder and CEO of Spot Migration, a “Managed IT Department” for growing companies who can’t afford to be slowed down by IT issues.  He also sits on the advisory board for “The 20”, a disruptive business development and strategy co-op for Managed IT Service Providers.

Will’s experience with scalable IT solutions in organizations such as Walgreens, FDIC, and Citadel has allowed him to shape strategy and implement technologies previously not attainable for Small to Mid Market organizations.

His vision of “Be the best version of yourself.” is reflected in Spot’s employees, clients, and interactions with partners. You will often hear him saying quirky things like “Trust but verify” and “Be Prepared”.



Say hello to Justin Neagle, the Chief Storyteller at Spot Migration and Co-host of the Building Scale Podcast! Justin is a leader who loves seeing companies grow and learn. He strongly believes that the secret recipe for successful businesses is a culture that values its people and has a meaningful purpose.

He has experienced everything from tiny 2-person teams to gigantic firms with over 1200 employees. Regardless of their size, he discovered that the real key to ongoing success is having solid core values and a clear purpose.

Justin has set an ambitious goal for himself. He’s on a mission to guide 1000 companies to find and use their unique core purposes. This way, they can have a positive impact on the world, and everyone involved can experience joy and fulfillment while increasing their earnings. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Justin Neagle

Justin Neagle


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